ISO service and data protection policy

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ISO Member data protection policy

ISO web conferencing service policy

ISO Member data protection policy

The ISO Member data protection policy is available on ISO website.

For further information regarding other relevant ISO privacy rules, see the Declaration on copyright and data protection for participants in ISO activities and Privacy Policy. You may also contact the ISO Data Protection Officer at

ISO web conferencing service policy

a. The ISO Web Conferencing service (Zoom) is offered free of charge to eligible officers of technical committees, subcommittees, working groups, and project leaders for the advancement of ISO-related work only (see Eligibility to get an ISO Web Conferencing account for further information).

b. ISO pays the license and usage costs invoiced including the use of toll-free telephone call-in numbers and callbacks. Note, however, that ISO does not pay for any third-party charges billed directly to people using the service. These include mobile phone bills (for calling in or receiving a call-back), fixed line phone charges, internet access costs, etc

c. ISO recommends that meeting participants use computer audio (VoIP) whenever possible. If participants face sound quality issues with computer audio, they may freely switch to telephone audio.

d. ISO requests that the host ends the meeting(End meeting option) once the meetings if over.

e. When scheduling meetings,ISO asks all hosts to use descriptive meeting titles. A descriptive meeting title includes your committee name as well as a brief description of the purpose of your meeting. For example: "ISO/TC 123/SC 4 - Plenary meeting".

f. Hosts may report technical problems to Zoom support directly by telephone or via the online form.

g. Accounts which have not been used for more than 1 year may be disabled. If your account is disabled, you can send a request to have it re-enabled to

h. We reserve the right without prior notice to inactivate your ISO Zoom account if we determine that your use of the Service violates this ISO Web Conferencing Service Policy and Zoom’s Reasonable Use Policy.

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