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Role description and related permissions

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  • Committee Manager (CM), Twinned Committee Manager (Twinned CM), Committee Manager Support Team (CM Support Team) roles refer to technical committees and their sub-committees only.
  • Secretary, Twinned Secretary, Secretary/Convenor Support Team roles refer to Working Groups (WG), Policy committees, and Governance committees.

Role description and related permissions

Users are registered in the ISO Global Directory in the roles of voters for different ballot types. Depending on the role assigned in the GD, different permissions will be granted in the electronic balloting portal. Users and their roles are registered and maintained by the user administrators of the ISO Members in the Global Directory.

Role in the GD Description Permission
Committee Manager and support team PC Secretary and Support team Responsible to create CIB ballots and take appropriate actions on CIB, DIS, FDIS and SR ballots. Can create CIB ballots, can see DIS/FDIS/SR ballots
Voter (CIB, DIS, FDIS, SR*) An individual representing an organization (a member), who has an obligation to vote on ballots submitted to the P-members in a committee (such as Proposals, Committee Drafts etc.). There may be more than one individual with this role in a particular committee. Can cast vote on CIB, DIS, FDIS, SR Ballots or Withdrawal Consultation in TCs/SCs they are assigned to. For individuals representing O-members in a committee, only comments can be cast on CIB ballots. *SR Voters have also the rights to cast a vote on Withdrawal Consultation but without any obligation to vote whether they are registered as P-member, O-member or Non-member.
Ballot monitor An individual representing an organization (a member) that is either P- or O-member in the committee and who needs to be informed about ballots without the responsibility to cast a vote. Can see ballots in TCs/SCs they are assigned to, but cannot cast a vote or submit a comment. Can see the votes cast by other users on behalf of their member.
Voter (Votes to all members) An individual working for a Member who is responsible to vote on all ballots issued to all members. Can cast vote on all Vote to all members ballots.

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