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Ballot home page

  Ballots is split into six main sections:

  •         Committee Internal Balloting (CIB)
  •         Working Group Consultation
  •         DIS/FDIS Balloting
  •         Systematic Review Balloting
  •         Withdrawal Consultation
  •         Votes to all members

Click on the title of each section to open the ballots of the corresponding type.

General navigation

All ballot instances have the same navigation principle: Different tabs show you the ballots depending on different criteria. By default, you will be directed to the All open tab which shows all ballots that you have access to that are open for voting:

Please note

All columns in the Home Screen are sortable. By clicking on the column heading the column will be sorted. Clicking a second time will reverse the sort. 

Sorting applies to all ballots currently found (the number indicated on top of the ballot list) and not only to the ballots displayed on the current screen. Therefore, a ballot may disappear from the 20 listed due to the sorting

The tabs at the top of the page have the following functions:

Tab Description
All mandatory Displays all ballots for committees where your NSB is a P-member independently to the fact that the voter has already voted or not
Vote required Displays all ballots for committees where your NSB is a P-member and has not yet voted
All open Displays all ballots on which you can vote or submit a comment.
New last 2 weeks Displays all ballots which were opened within the last 2 weeks
Closing in 2 weeks Displays all open ballots which will close during the next 2 weeks.
Closed last 2 weeks Displays all ballots which closed during the last 2 weeks.
Search Opens the search screen which allows to search with user defined values

Searching for ballots

To initiate a search, click on Search after having entered the search parameters. To clear the screen and remove search parameters, click on Reset.

The Search screen allows to enter or to select parameters in the following search fields:

Search Fields Explanation/Function of the fields
Type Type of ballot, for example CIB, CD, DIS, FDIS, WDRL etc. Depending on the ballot instance you are accessing, the type of ballot displayed will match the ballot instance. For example, you cannot search for an FDIS ballot from the SR ballot instance.
Status Ballot status (Open/Closed)
Ref/Title Ballot reference number or document title element. Note: A search by reference or title is a free text search that matches in any part of the ballot reference number or the title (e.g. searching for "smit" will match "smith").
Committee Only those committees to which your profile is registered will be displayed.
Start date Specifies that the date in the range between "From" and "To" is an opening date
End date Specifies that the date in the range between "From" and "To" is a closing date
From Range start date
To Range end date

Ballot details

From the search screen, click on the ballot reference to open the ballot details screen:

This will open the Ballot details screen:

The ballot contains tabs with the following information:

Tab Description
Information Shows the ballot attributes, the reference documents or hyperlinks, questions and votes
Result Shows the ballot result with the number of answers for each question and the comments received. Includes a link to download the results and access to Post-voting decision tool. (only accessible on closed ballot)
Participation Shows the list of members who are participating in the ballot.
Audience List the complete ballot audience, i.e. the people assigned in voting roles effective on the particular ballot. This tab is only visible to the Committee Manager, PC Secretary and their support team (ballot owner)

Tools Menu

The tools menu provides shortcuts to access different functions of the Ballots application:

Within the Tools menu there are the following options:

Tools menu Description
Balloting Portal Electronic balloting Portal start page.
Open Ballots Direct link to the All Open tab.
Search Direct link to the Search tab
ISOTC Committee areas Direct link to the ISOTC server (eCommittee)
Commenting Template Link to the Commenting template
Comment Collation tool Link to the Comment Collation Tool
Manage my roles Displays all the roles of the user. Roles can be disabled temporarily and re-enabled.

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