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GD reports

Three predefined reports allow User Administrators to extract specific information from the GD for data quality checking purposes:

  • Experts' roles in committees: lists all active experts in committees representing your Organization and their roles in the committees.
  • Users administrated by an organization: lists of all users (active and inactive) that are administrated by your organization.
  • User administrators of GD: lists all registered User administrators of the GD per NSB including their main point of contact.

You can access the reports section from the Home page.

To open the report's generation page, click on the report's name, either from the List of reports or select it directly from the Quick links.

Select the Organization (for the first two reports), then click Generate Excel file. For the Experts’ roles in committees you will also need to select the domain: National or International (i.e. National roles or International roles).

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