Update project target date

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Update project target date

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Committee Manager, PC Secretary & support teams

Please note

  • Committee Manager (CM), Twinned Committee Manager (Twinned CM), Committee Manager Support Team (CM Support Team) roles refer to TCs and SCs only
  • Secretary, Twinned Secretary, Secretary Support Team roles refer to Working Groups (WG), Policy committees, and Governance committees.

Update project target date

Project target date can be added for any upcoming stages. To add a target date on a project, go on the details of this project and then:

1 Click on the icon next to the Target date

2 Enter the target date (as format YYYY-MM-DD) and save the change

Target dates can only be set for the following upcoming stages:

  • 20.00 WD
  • 30.00 CD
  • 40.00 DIS – also the subject of a limit date leading to cancellation
  • 50.00 FDIS
  • 60.60 IS (Publication) – also the subject of a limit date leading to cancellation

To add/modify/edit a target date, the following rules apply:

  • The target date must be later than the current date
  • The target date must not be after the next limit date (40.00 or 60.60)
  • Target dates may only be set or modified on stages not yet started (status “WAIT”)

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