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Please note

  • Committee Manager (CM), Twinned Committee Manager (Twinned CM), Committee Manager Support Team (CM Support Team) roles refer to TCs and SCs only
  • Secretary, Twinned Secretary, Secretary Support Team roles refer to Working Groups (WG), Policy committees, and Governance committees.

There are two main tabs used for searching projects: My Projects and Search.


The Search panel allows users to search across all ISO projects using multiple search criteria at once. You may enter any necessary search criteria in the Search panel and then click the Search button found at the bottom of the screen to display the corresponding results. The various search options are described in the screenshot below:

By default, the filter Active/Preliminary/Published is selected. This means cancelled projects and withdrawn standards are excluded from the search by default.

When you select one or more filters, projects and/or standards will only appear in the search results if they match all selected filters. That means, by selecting additional filters, you reduce the number of projects shown.

When you select the option Action required, only projects & standards that have a pending action from the secretariat will be shown. Stabilized filter is only applicable for JTC 1 standards.

Action required Show projects & standards that require an action from the Committee manager/ PC secretary
Active/Preliminary/Published Show all projects and standards, except those cancelled and withdrawn (stages 00.00 to 60.60 + 90.20, 90.93 and 90.60)
Cancelled/Withdrawn Show all cancelled and withdrawn projects and/or standards (stages xx.98 and 95.99)
Open/Closed ballots Show all current and closed ballots (stages XX.20 and XX.60)
Planned ballots Show all planned ballots (any stage having a planned ballot date on a stage xx.20)
Published Show all published standards, including confirmed (stages 60.60 and 90.93)
Stabilized (only available for ISO/EC JTC 1 committee) Show all ISO/IEC JTC 1 stabilized standards
Under development Show all active and preliminary projects (stages 00.00 to 60.00, excluding 00.98)
With Corrigenda/Amendment Show projects and standards only projects which have amendment/corrigenda associated
With Online Document Show all projects that are working with online documents (OSD)
With alert Show all projects that are registered in critical or warning status

By default, the search includes Corrigenda and Amendments. To exclude them from the search result, deselect the corresponding tick box.

Find projects and standards by Committee

Type the committee number in the Committee filter field. Projects & standards of all the committee's subcommittees can be included under the technical committee search by ticking the Include SCs checkbox.

My committees List of the committees where the user has a role as committee officer.
Concerned committees List of the committees related to My committees such as subcommittees, committees in liaison, etc.
Other committees List of all committees except My committees and Concerned committees.

 Find projects and standards using stages

If you are searching for projects and/or standards in a specific stage, you have the option to select the parent stage (i.e. all projects in stage 10) or a specific sub-stage (i.e. only projects in stage 10.20). You may select multiple stages at once if needed.

Field value Description
All All projects and standards registered from stage 00.00 to 95.99
Preliminary - 00 All projects registered from stage 00.00 to 00.99
Proposal - 10 All projects registered from stage 10.00 to 10.99
Preparatory - 20 All projects registered from stage 20.00 to 20.99
Committee - 30 All projects registered from stage 30.00 to 30.99
Enquiry - 40 All projects registered from stage 40.00 to 40.99
Approval - 50 All projects registered from stage 50.00 to 50.99
Publication - 60 All projects registered from stage 60.00 to 60.60
Review – 90 All standards registered from stage 90.20 to 90.99
Withdrawal - 95 All standards registered from stage 95.20 to 95.99

Please note

Information on stage codes is available in Annex SD of the ISO/IEC Directives, Supplement.

Save your search as predefined search

You can save your search criteria as Predefined search. Predefined searches will give you quick access to the information most important to you without having to recreate the search each time.

The next time you click the Search tab, you will see a list of all your predefined saved searches. If you click one, you will automatically see updated search results of all projects & standards fitting the saved criteria.

When a saved search is no longer useful you can delete it using the bucket icon. You may share your saved search by clicking on the three dots icon . This icon will generate a URL that you can copy and send to any ISO Projects user. If the user finds the search useful, the user may choose to save this as a predefined search.

My projects

My Projects tab is the homepage in ISO Projects. For committee officers, all projects & standards registered under a committee in which you have a role are displayed in My Projects by default. If you do not have a role in any committee, this is empty.

You will find the same available search options as described in the Search tab under the My Projects tab. The only difference is that My Projects automatically prefills the committee field with all committees for which you have a role.You can save any search criteria you have entered in My Project search panel as a predefined search.

Search results

The number of projects & standards displayed per page within the search results is limited to 10. To navigate to another page within the results, click on the page numbers available on the bottom of your screen.

Search results can be exported as an Excel file. This report is available through the action menu found on the top right of your screen

By default, the search results sorts projects & standards according to their criticality. You change the sort order by selecting another from the available list of options, including:

  • Reference: the reference of the project & standards (e.g. ISO/DIS 9001)
  • Stage: current stage of the project & standards (e.g. 30.60)
  • Stage since: the date when the project or the standard was registered at the current stage. The date is displayed as YYYY-MM-DD
  • Registered for: the amount of time the project/standard has been registered at the current stage. This period is displayed in months, or in days if less than one month
  • Alert severity: this criterion is only applicable for projects that are flagged as critical or warning , or have been cancelled in the last past twelve months.
  • Project ID: this is the unique ISOCS database number allocated to the project. This is mainly used by ISOCS staff.

All Sort by criteria can be selected as ascending or descending.

Search result details

The first column include the project identity, english title and alert icon:

Alert Description
Empty field Indicates that either there are no issues to notify or the status of the project is under review by ISO/CS and/or TMB


Projects for which an alert is generated on the DIS or IS limit date (which is overdue), 3-months prior to the date of automatic cancellation


Projects for which an alert is generated 6-months prior to the DIS or IS limit date


Projects which have been cancelled - the icon is displayed for 12-months following the cancellation

The second and third column contains the project stage and potential actions:

The current stage is displayed with the following information:

  • Since YYYY-MM-DD: the date when the project entered the current stage
  • Registered for: If the project is not yet published, the amount of time since the registration date, displayed as:
    • Month(s) if greater than one month
    • Day(s) if less than one month
  • Next SR: If the standard/deliverable is published, the next Systematic Review is date displayed if applicable
  • If the project is cancelled or the standard/deliverable withdrawn, nothing is displayed below the "Since" field

Project actions

The Action column provides you a descriptive text with a link to the appropriate application when an action is expected from the Committee Manager/PC Secretary. These actions can be:

Action Description Stages
Empty field Indicates no action is required for this project/deliverable. 00.00, 00.20, 00.60, 00.98, 00.98, 00.99, 10.20, 10.98, 20.98, 30.20, 30.98, 40.00, 40.20, 40.98, 50.00, 50.20, 50.98, 60.00, 60.60, 90.20, 90.92, 90.93, 90.99, 95.20, 95.60, 95.92, 95.99
Launch new ballot (with a link to EB3) Indicates that a ballot should be launched for this project 10.92, 30.00, 30.92
Launch new Working Draft (WD) Study (with a link to EB3) Indicates that a working draft (WD) study can be launched for this project 20.00, 20.60
Proceed to decision (with a link on the Post-Voting decision of the project) Indicates that a Post-Voting decision needs to be validated for this project/deliverable 10.60, 30.60, 40.60, 50.60 or 90.60
Submit to ISO/CS (with a link on the Submission Interface) Indicates that a submission is required 30.99, 40.93, 40.99, 50.92, 50.99

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