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Create new project

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Committee Manager, PC Secretary & support teams

Please note

  • Committee Manager (CM), Twinned Committee Manager (Twinned CM), Committee Manager Support Team (CM Support Team) roles refer to TCs and SCs only
  • Secretary, Twinned Secretary, Secretary Support Team roles refer to Working Groups (WG), Policy committees, and Governance committees.

Create new project

Please note

  • Only IS and TS projects can be created with a eForm4. Request to create other deliverable must be sent to the Technical Programme Manager of your committee.

To create a new project with a NP ballot (using Form4), open the main page of ISO project portal, click "+ PROJECT" and select " Create a project - eForm4", located on the top-right of your screen.

1 Welcome page

The Welcome page is the first page you see when you access the eForm4 wizard, whether it’s for a new project or an amendment/revision, and marks the start of the process.

2 Context

For a New Project, you must select the committee where the project is to be created. 

If there are existing eForm4 submissions in the selected committee, the resume page is displayed. If there are no existing eForm4 submissions in this committee, this page will be skipped.

The Resume page allows you to:

  • start a new decision process
  • resume an ongoing decision process
  • clone an existing submission in case of a project contains part (Note that this option is only available for closed submissions.)
  • delete an existing ongoing submission (created by mistake for example)3 Information


Committee Manager must confirm that you have ensured the proposer has considered the guidance given in the Annex C of ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1 during the preparation of the NWIP.

Project selection

Select the Document number and Part number for the project. By default Automatic and Document does not have parts are selected.

Document number:

Automatic (next available): At the end of the process, the new project will be created with the next available number in our database.

Use pre-reserved: This option is only available if a project number in your committee has already been created by ISOCS in our database for a specific reason. If the option is active, the existing project numbers will be available in a drop down list. If you except to find a project number that is not available in this drop-down list, please contact your ISOCS TPM.

Existing document number: This option is available if a project number already exists with several parts and the secretary needs to create a new part. Once this option is selected, the part number field becomes mandatory.

Existing Preliminary Work Item: This option is available if a preliminary work item (stages between 00.00 and 00.99, excluding 00.98) has already been created in your committee.

Re-establishment of a cancelled project: This option is available if a project number has been cancelled (00.98, 10.98, 20.98, 30.98, 40.98 and 50.98) within the past 12 months.

Part number:

The Part Number fields are marked optional or mandatory depending on the Document Number option selected:   

  • This section is optional if you have selected Automatic
  • This section is mandatory if you have selected Existing document number
  • This section is no longer available if you have selected Use pre-reserved, Existing Preliminary Work Item or Re-establishment of a cancelled project

Document does not have parts: This option is selected by default and means that at the end of the process, the project number created will not contain parts.

Specify part number: If this option is selected, the specify part number field becomes mandatory. If the secretary doesn’t know the next available number, click on the link Generate next available and the system will calculate it for you.

Please note

  • It is always possible to return to a previous step in the process and modify your data.
  • Creating a series : a document may be published in several parts, leading to the publication of a series. In this case, it is important to note that, after creating the first part of the series (using eForm 4), you need to wait 60 minutes before to be able to retrieve the series from the exiting numbers in the e-Form 4 process, and proceed with the next parts creation.

Ballot dates

Once you have entered the ballot opening date, the system will automatically calculate the ballot closing date as 12 weeks.

4 Extra information

This step allows the Committee Manager to enter additional information or documents relating to this project. All documents added at this stage will be available in the associated ballot as well as in a dedicated folder in eCommittees under folder 04.Projects.

Browse the documents youe wish to add or drop them directly in the dedicated field Add attached Annex(es)

Please note

If the Secretariat is hosted externally (DIN or AFNOR), the added documents will be copied in the associated ballot. However they won’t be automatically pushed in eCommittees. The Committee Manager has to add them manually in his/her committee.

Any relevant information or addition information should be added in the  Additional information/question(s)  field.

Reference document (N-document)

If the committee is hosted at ISOCS, you can choose  Use automatic process that will automatically assign the next available N-Number in the selected committee to this document. If you wish to use a specific N-Number, you can select the option Use manual process with the following N-Number and then enter the desired N-Number. Please make sure that this N-Number is available and/or reserved.

If the committee is hosted externally, the automatic process will not be available so you must use the manual process. In this case, note that an N-number is required in order to prefix the form’s title with it and stamp it within the Form4. Make sure the entered N-Number is reserved on the system hosting the committee documents.

5 Confirmation

This is the final step of the process prior to submitting the Form4 to ISO/CS. This step allows you to review and finalize the information. You can generate the final Form4 or save to continue later.

Once ready, click  Submit to ISOCS.

Naming convention

If the automatic submission is selected, the resulting document will be posted in the corresponding committee workspace on SD Documents in a subfolder within the Projects folder. 

  • Subfolder name: [Document number]-[part] (for example “ISO 8466-1”)
  • Document information:
    • Type: Ballot
    • Title: [Form number] – [Ballot reference].pdf  (In the ballot reference, replace spaces or ":" or "(" or ")" characters by an underscore) , e.g. 
      1. Form 6 – ISO_NP 4673.pdf
      2. Form 8 – ISO_CD 4554.pdf
      3. Form 13 – ISO_DIS 24343-2.pdf
      4. Form 21 – ISO_SR 4554_2014.pdf
      5. Form 21 – ISO_17742_2015_ed1.pdf 
    • Description: none
    • Subtype: Form
    • Ballot reference: reference of the closed ballot
    • Ballot type: type of the closed ballot
    • Project reference: reference of the project
    • Expected action: info
    • Expected Date: none
    • Document status: To be notified
    • Rendition: None

This review page contains:

  • Project reference (+ a link to the project's page on Project Portal)
  • NP Ballot reference (+ a direct link to eBalloting)
  • A direct link to the generated Form4
  • The downloaded documents/annexes. Note: This is only displayed if the committee is hosted externally. If the committee is hosted at ISOCS, these documents are available on eCommittees
  • A direct link to the committee working area.

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