Aim of Post-voting decision (PVD)

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Aim of Post-voting decision (PVD)

Please note

  • Committee Manager (CM), Twinned Committee Manager (Twinned CM), Committee Manager Support Team (CM Support Team) roles refer to TCs and SCs only
  • Secretary, Twinned Secretary, Secretary Support Team roles refer to Working Groups (WG), Policy committees, and Governance committees.

Aim of Post-voting decision (PVD)

The Post-voting decision process is a tool to help the work of Committee manager/ PC Secretary to submit decisions to ISO/CS in order to update the project development stage at the closure of a ballot.

The goal of the Post-voting decision process is to:

  • help Committee manager/PC Secretary reach a decision after a ballot has closed in-line with ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1 and TMB resolutions
  • facilitate the communication of decisions to ISO/CS by integrating the generation of the appropriate Form and its submission to ISO/CS
  • empower Committee manager/ PC Secretary to request online updates of the project development stage.

The Post-voting decision process is available for the following stages:

  • NP/NWIP ballot (10.60)
  • CD/DTR/DTS/DPAS ballots (30.60) *
  • DIS ballots (40.60)
  • FDIS ballots (50.60)
  • SR ballots (90.60)

(*) As of 2022-06-30, CD Ballots have been removed and replaced by CD Consultation. DTR, DTS and DPAS are now managed at stage 50. That means post-voting decision is no longer available for any CD, DTR, DTS and DPAS created since 2022-06-30.

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