Rules to manage participation

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Rules to manage participation

Rules to manage participation

User administrators (MBUA) are responsible for updating the membership status (add/remove/change P or O-member) of their country (for Member Bodies and Correspondent Members) in all committees, in accordance with the relevant rules.

The following cases are excluded and will still require to contact ISO/CS:

  • committees which are registered as closed group (e.g. CASCO or COPOLCO),
  • updates during a membership downgrading period,
  • membership under the New Rights programme.

Correspondent members can only update (add or remove) their O-membership


P-members are obligated to vote on all questions submitted to vote within the committee. If a ballot opened in this committee before you registered as a P-member, you may not receive a reminder to cast your vote so please be sure to check the voting application for ballots in which your vote is required:

  • You can view the ballots where you are P-member and have not yet cast a vote in the "Vote required" tab of the e-Balloting application
  • You can register more than one voter (centralized and/or decentralized) to ensure a voter is available in case of absence
  • Abstention is a valid vote

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