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2024/04 Release

Released on 2024-04-16

With this new version, the platform now uses our overarching ISO Design system which was first introduced with the ISO applications portal implemented in November 2023. Further deployments to the full suite of standards development applications are planned over time. 

The new design system harmonizes and facilitates the user journey through increased coherence across ISO applications. .

2023/11 Release

Released on 2023-11-23
Allow the Committee managers (and support team) to update stages
As from 2023-11-22, the Committee managers (and their support team) can update specific stages on the projects they have in their portfolio. More information to be found here.

2023/10 Release

Released on 2023-10-31

Integration of the documents picker from Documents directly in Submissions

As from 2023-10-31, the submitters can directly retrieve documents from Documents to add to their submissions. The documents must be tagged with the proper Project ID in their metadata in Documents, to be available from the list of documents to select in the submission.

2023/01 Release

Released on 2023-07-04

Integration of the Submissions within ISO Projects

As from 2023-07-04, the submissions are done directly from within ISO Projects, from a new tab available from the project overview.

This integration of the submission interface in ISO Projects will consolidate further our IT environment and allow you to perform more tasks within the same application.

We aim at simplifying and ease your work doing so.

2022/05 Release

Released on 2022-05-02

TMB resolution 26/2022

Further to TMB resolution 26/2022, the following updates have been implemented regarding eForms: 

  • eForm4

    1) NP ballot is no longer available for PAS.

    2) NP ballot is no longer required for the revision or amendment of an existing International Standard and revision of an existing TS. 

  • eForm13: If a DIS has been approved, it can now be resubmitted once again for enquiry. If a Committee Manager wishes to resubmit a DIS to enquiry due to technical changes, they may now select this option directly in the eForm. Note: The Directives state that an approved DIS can be resubmitted for enquiry only once. 
  • eForm21: At the end of a SR ballot for a PAS document, the Committee Manager can now propose the conversion of a PAS to a Technical Specification in the eForm. 

Wording in eForms 4, 6, 13 and 21 generated by the post-voting decision tool has been reviewed to match the Forms in Word format available on our website.

Work to ensure that the wording in eForms 4, 6, 13 and 21 generated by the post-voting decision tool completely matches the Forms in Word format available on our website is still ongoing.

2020/11 Release

Released on 2020-11-11

TMB resolution 64/2020

  • ISO Projects: SDT 48 has been removed from ISO projects for all projects, no further exceptions for projects registered under ISO/IEC JTC 1.
  • eForm4, eForm6, eForm21: For all projects, SDT 48 has been removed, no further exceptions for projects registered under ISO/IEC JTC 1.

2020/09 Release

Released on 2020-09-30

DMT Recommendation 03/2019

Amendments can now only be created from an International Standard (IS) and no longer from a Technical Specification (TS) or Publicly Available Specification (PAS)

DMT Recommendation 06/2019

‘Minor revision’ tags can now only be applied to International Standard

2020/08 Release

Released on 2020-08-04

TMB resolution 26/2020

A new project parameter “Horizontal deliverable” has been added to the ISO Projects app to identify projects and/or deliverables that meet the definition of horizontal deliverable as approved by TMB.

The “Horizontal deliverable” project parameter label will be displayed in the “Projects overview” and is searchable from “Additional filters” allowing extracts of corresponding lists.

2020/06 Release

Released on 2020-06-11

TMB resolution 31/2020

ISO Projects:

  • SDT 48 has been removed from ISO projects.
  • EXCEPTION: SDT 48 is still available for projects managed by JTC 1 and its SCs in the Timeframe drop-down.

eForm4, eForm6, eForm21:

  • For projects that that are not registered under JTC 1, SDT 48 is disabled for each form.
  • For projects registered under JTC 1, SDT 48 remains available for each form.

In addition of the TMB resolution, the following feature(s) are also now available:

eForm4, eForm6, eForm21:

  • DIS Submission Target date has been disabled for TS and PAS during the wizard

2020/05 Release

Released on 2020-05-04

2019/09 Release

Released on 2019-09-09

  • Search improvement - The list of filters that you can use to filter your search has been increased with the following fields :

    And you can select the default filters using the “+/- Criteria” option. The filters chosen will remain by default on your browser.

  • Titles management for Committee managers - Committee managers With this new release, edits to the English title of projects will now be available. Please note this will only be possible at the following stages : 00.00, 00.20, 00.60, 00.99, 10.00, 10.20, 10.60, 10.92, 10.99, 20.00, 20.20, 20.60, 20.99, 30.00, 30.20, 30.60, 30.92, 30.99, 40.60, 40.92, 40.93, 40.99. Please remember that titles must follow the rules stated in Clause 11 of the ISO/IEC Directives Part 2 ( The application offers the possibility to show titles in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German,… Authorized translators now have the possibility to edit the title in their language. English is the reference language.

  • Titles management for Translators - With this new release, edits to the title of projects in the language you are translator for will now be possible. The option to edit the relevant language (based on your role as translator) will be available throughout the project lifecycle. The application offers the possibility to show titles in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German,… Please note that the reference language is English, therefore the reference title is always the English language title. Any translation should strictly coincide with this reference title. As authorized translator you are responsible for the title in your language. If you feel there is an error in the reference title, please contact the relevant Committee Manager.

2019/03 Release

Released on 2019-03-13

  • Export improvement -The Excel export has been enriched and contains now more information to facilitate the programme management, as follow: 

  • My projects pre-filtering improvement -The “My committees” filtering on “My projects” homepage has been improved as follow: 

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