Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Starting December 2022, a new acceptance flow was implemented for Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) related to the use of ISO-operated IT systems.

With the introduction of a more coherent environment where users can seamlessly navigate national, ISO and CEN content from a single platform, we have enhanced the T&Cs workflow to ensure a direct reference is made not only to ISO and CEN T&Cs but also to any National T&Cs you may have in place, and that all relevant* T&Cs are duly accepted by users. 
(* depending on the roles in national /ISO/CEN committees defined in the Global directory)

From now on, for any user logging in from the ISO, CEN or ISOlutions portal, the system will first check the credentials (username and password), and in a second phase, request the user to accept the T&Cs related to all the roles he/she has registered on their profile in the Global Directory.

Main rules:

  • The acceptance of T&Cs will be valid for two months. At the end of this period, the user will be requested to accept T&Cs once again. 
  • If a new version of the T&Cs is released, the user will be requested to accept T&Cs once again.
  • If the user is granted a role in a new working area, he/she will be requested to accept T&Cs related to this new working area (ISO, CEN or national) upon next login.

See in the screenshot below the new T&Cs acceptance window for a user with roles in the three working areas.

The user must select all the checkboxes to formally approve the Terms and Conditions that apply to their profile to access the platform.

Terms and conditions with checkboxes

The user will get either one/two or three T&Cs to approve (first, second and third paragraph in this example, respectively related to ISO, CEN and ISOlutions working area).

Please note

These checks on T&Cs will also be done on the profile of the users whom choose to login using the federation.

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