Add text elements

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Insert paragraphs

Every time you press the Enter key on your keyboard, a new paragraph is inserted.

Insert spaces

Inside the text, the user is prevented from adding more than one space between two words.

Formatting text

Inside the document text, common formatting options (Bold, Italic, Underline, subscript and superscript) can be applied to selected characters, word(s), sentence(s), paragraph(s) or entire clause(s).

Formatting options are available from the START tab, and more advanced text formatting can be accessed from the sub-menu

Please note

Any text contained in any element (tables, captions, keys etc) can be formatted.

Inserting symbols

To insert a symbol in the text of your document, click the Insert symbol icon from the START menu.

All recently used symbols in your document text will be available at the top of the symbols list for inserting again quickly.

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