Submission Interface for OSD Project (30.99)

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Start a submission


All projects, developed online or traditionally need to go through submission at stage 30.99.

More information about submission Interface click here: Submit document to ISOCS

You can start a submission from several locations in Projects

  1. From the search results list - click on "Submit to ISO/CS" from the Action column
  2. From the project overview - access the tab "Submissions"

Submission process

1 Submission selection

The first step of the submission process is to select the submission type, available from the drop-down list "Create a submission".

Only the possible submission(s) at the current stage will be displayed and available for selection.

2 Title and Project information

In the first box, you will be able to validate the English title of the project. If it does not correspond to the one in the files you are submitting, you will be requested to update it in ISO Projects (if you select "No")

You will also be given the list of relevant Project information for you to check. If anything would need to be corrected, you will be requested to contact your TPM (a direct "Mail to" link to your TPM is available).

Click then on "Continue"

3 Submission information

In the Submission information box, you will be asked to answer some questions, specific to the submission you are undertaking.

For a DIS submission for example: 

  • Does your submission includes graphics?
  • What is the language mode? Mono or multi-lingual? If multilingual, you will be asked to select the languages of the submitted files
  • Does your submission includes inserts?
  • Any comment you want to provide to the ISO/CS team validating the submissions

You will have the opportunity to leave a comment for the ISO/CS team validating the submission; you may provide relevant information for the processing of the submitted files (e.g. about a meeting planned which requires attention to ensure that a ballot closes before a certain deadline, requirements for a special treatment, that a document had been prepared by another organization and should not to be edited, that the standard is based on another existing standard (adoption), TC 145 symbols to be approved, that patents apply to the standard, requests for special publication media, e.g. CD-ROMs, etc.)

4 Add files

For project launched with an online document, the reference copy (pdf) and revisable files (word) are not required. Only the explanatory report remains a mandatory document at DIS stage.


The reference document is the Online Document. ISOCS will process the online document to create a clean Word and PDF version which will be made available to members via ISO Projects.

If you provide via Submission Interface a Word or PDF document that differ from the Online Document, your submission will be rejected.

5 Summary

Once you have submitted your files, the submission will appear with a specific status on the "Submissions' list" screen.

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