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Eligibility to get an ISO Web conferencing account

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Eligibility to get an ISO web conferencing account

As of 1 January 2019, eligible roles to get an ISO Web Conferencing account will be as follows:

  • Active Secretaries, Twin-Secretaries, Conveners, Twin-Conveners and their support team (TC, SC, WG level)
  • Active Chairpersons, Chairs-elect, Vice-chairs and their support team
  • Project Leaders of an active project (project stages from 10.99 to 60.00, excluding xx.98)

Note: Web conferencing accounts can only be obtained for committees and working groups administered by ISO (hosted at ISO, AFNOR or DIN)

Please note

A Web Conferencing account is only needed to host meetings, or to schedule meetings on behalf of someone else

For any questions about eligibility, please contact the Web Conferencing team (

Request web conferencing account

Eligible persons can request an ISO Zoom account at Please do NOT sign up directly with Zoom as you will only get a free basic Zoom account limited to 40-minute meetings. ISO Zoom accounts can only be assigned by ISO (

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