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Committee performance

Membership & contacts

Once you have logged in to the ISO Portal, you can access the Performance indicators & Extractions section


The data provided in each report  depends on your role in the standard development process.

- Standard Development Directors access data regarding their member body

- Secretaries access data regarding their committees only

- Balloters access data concerning their voting performance only

Committee performance

This section is available to ISO/TMB committee members, Standard Development Directors and Secretaries. It provides report on committee performance from the current and previous year such as:

  • Time to develop standards
  • Time to take decision after Systematic Review
  • CIB Performance
  • Committee and Working Group meetings
  • Project KPIs

Membership & contacts

This section is available to all users logged-in. In this section you can find information about:

  • Membership (status of membership of ISO National Standard Bodies)
  • Contact persons at ISO Members (ISO Member's employees with specific key positions in their organizations)
  • Administrators of Global Directory & managers of meetings (Key persons at the National Standard Body who are involved in administrating or managing users, roles, meetings etc.)


Access to the Contact persons at ISO Members report is restricted to ISO/CS employees, ISO Member Bodies' employees and persons with roles in governance committees

Please note

The Administrators of Global Directory & managers of meetings contains two reports:

- List of User Administrators of Global Directory (MBUA)

- List of Meeting Coordinators (MC) and Meeting Participant Approvers (MPA)

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