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Reset my password

Please note

Please keep our systems safe: never share your user name and password with others.

To increase the security, the process to reset your password is now in two steps (you will get two emails with secured links).

To reset your password

1. Open (or if you only have national roles)

2. Click on I forgot my password 

3. Input the email address you have been registered with and click the Submit instructions button

  1. An email address will be sent to you with the link to the page where to change your password.

Password requirements

The password must :

  • be of minimum 8 characters (max. 64)
  • include letters, and at least two numerical digits and one special character
  • and cannot contain any of the ISO acronyms such as ISO, TC, SC, WG etc.

Please note

  • The reset password email is only valid for 5 minutes. After that period you will need to repeat this procedure.
  • The reset password instructions will only be sent to a valid and recognized email address. if you are unsure about your email address, please contact us.

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