Create a Working Draft (WD) study

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What is the Working Draft (WD) study?

Create Working Draft (WD) study

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Convenor; WG Secretary

Please note

  • Secretary, Twinned Secretary, Secretary/Convenor Support Team roles refer to Working Groups (WG), Policy committees, and Governance committees.
  • Committee Manager (CM), Twinned Committee Manager (Twinned CM), Committee Manager Support Team (CM Support Team) roles refer to technical committees and their sub-committees only.

What is the Working Draft (WD) study?

The ā€˜ Working Draft (WD) studyā€™ is a common practice during the ā€˜Preparatory stageā€™ of a project and aims to gather comments from WG members on the mature draft (stage 20.20 and 20.60 in the International harmonized stage codes).

Please note

Once the WD study opens, the project stage will update automatically to 20.20, and when it closes, the project will move to stage 20.60 accordingly. As usual, you can follow you project progression in ISO Projects

Create a Working Draft (WD) study

In the WG Consultation section, click on New Consultation and in the drop-down menu select Working Draft (WD) study.

This will launch a 4-step wizard that will help you creating the Working Draft (WD) study.

1 Working Group selection

Select the working group for which you wish to create the Working Draft (WD) study.

Please note

The drop-down list will only display working group(s) for which you are registered as Convenor or WG Secretary, and/or in a support team role in the Global Directory.

After the selection of the working group, the screen will automatically refresh to allow you to select the project to which the WD Study is related (this field is mandatory).

Select the project from the drop-down list :

Please note

The drop-down list is driven by data taken from ISO Projects database. If you cannot find your project in the list, please contact

2 Working Draft (WD) study information

This step allows you to enter the Working Draft (WD) study's metadata, i.e.  reference, start date and end date. Fill in all the required fields.

Fields Description
Reference Ballot reference or document title.
Start date Vote opening date
End date Vote closing date
Notes Any notes relevant to the WD study

Please note

The system proposes by default a 8 weeks duration for the WD study, but convenor can modify it as required.

Click on Next

3 Questions and answers

This step displays the set of questions and answers that will be proposed during the WD Study. Since the WD Study is based on an ISO template for the questions and answers, you cannot change any of them.

Click the Create button to move to Step 4.

Please note

Note that until you click the Create button, you can go back in the process anytime by clicking the Previous button to modify the ballot data.

4 Reference document

This step allows you to add any reference document(s) to the WD study or any other link to useful resources.


The balloting portal does not automatically create N-documents on ISO Documents.

It is therefore recommended to first upload the relevant N-Documents for the ballot onto Documents platform, then download the N-document and attach it to the ballot.

Open the function menu next to Reference document and links and select: Add new reference document.

Select the file to be added from your desktop and click on Upload.

The WD study has been successfully created, with the reference document and will open automatically on the defined Start date. Click on the Finish button to terminate the wizard.

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