What is Online Standards Development (OSD)

What is Online Standards Development (OSD)

The Online Standards Development provides the technical community with a unique and harmonized platform for developing standards online, collaboratively, from the preliminary stage through to publication.

  • WG members can work collaboratively to create the content of the standard. 
  • Member can provide their comments in the context of the document during the key standard development stage
  • Committee Manager of ISO committee can then efficiently pre-work, sort and resolve comments directly in the context of the document. 
  • ISOCS internal editors can review the content of the document according to the ISO and IEC Directives

Benefits for committees

  • More organized and efficient collaborative authoring work
  • DP2 and ISO editorial rules incorporated into the heart of the platform
  • More transparency in consensus building and simplified final compilation of resolutions
  • Improved/streamlined content quality at the early stages of standard development 
  • A content development system based on Standards (i.e.NISO STS) and harmonized between ISO and IECBenefits for members

Benefits for members

Member commenting in the OSD can ease members' national commenting processes when it comes to International Standards:

  • Improve commenting for national experts
  • Facilitate consensus building with improved consolidation and management of national comments  by voters
  • Simplify submission of national comments by voters
  • Respecting members' processes currently in place

OSD is built to suit diverse members' needs and processes. As such, members can decide to either use the full capability of the platform and comments directly in the OSD or to continue gathering comments using the usual ISO/IEC Commenting template

Option A: Commenting in OSD

  • New OSD platform features used to gather national comments, consolidate comments and submit comments to ISO.

Option B:Upload comments in OSD

  • National comments gathered using the current ISO/IEC commenting template and consolidated commenting file uploaded to the OSD platform.

For more information about the Member Commenting process please refer to the related article.

Availability to ISO Committees

The Online Standards Development process is currently available from Preliminary to Enquiry* stage. The Approval stages will be includes early 2024.

*Enquiry stage is being piloted with a limited number of projects.

Programme update and more information

For more information about the programme and latest developments, please visit the OSD Website

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