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Add notes and examples

Notes/Examples can be added almost anywhere in the document text. To do so, select the Note/ Example item from the INSERT tab.

To add Notes/ Examples on individual elements (like terminological entries or in table footers), right-click on the element or click on the contextual menu of the element and then select Note/Example.

Please note

  • If there is more than one note or example inside a clause, the system will automatically number them sequentially, i.e. Note 1, Note 2 or Example 1, Example 2. If there is only one Note inside a (sub)clause, it will not be numbered as Note 1.
  • Caution, important and warning do not get numbered even if there are multiple elements in a clause.

Wrapping and unwrapping elements

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For more information about adding notes to tables, please refer to the Manage tables article.

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