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Add a terminological entry


  • A terminological entry can be added only to the clause  3 Terms and definitions. It can be added from the INSERT menu, while the cursor is placed anywhere in the document. It is automatically added to clause 3 Terms and definitions.
  • The terms entry are listed in the order they have been created and can be moved accordingly.
  • A term entry can hold more than one term

To add a terminological entry:

  • In a clause 
    • From the clause 3 Terms and definitions or from a sub-clause in this section, click on the button: + TERM ENTRY OR
    • From the the contextual menu of the clause 3 Terms and definitions or the contextual menu of a sub-clause in this section, it in the OUTLINE, select the option: create term entry
  • In the same level as a previous terminological entry:
    • From a Terminological entry, click on the button: + TERM ENTRY AT SAME LEVELOR
    • From the contextual menu of a terminological entry in the OUTLINE, select the option: create term entry at same level
  • As a sub-term
    • From a Terminological entry (level 2), click on the button: + SUB-TERM ENTRY OR
    • From the contextual menu of a terminological entry (level 2) in the OUTLINE, select the option: create sub-term entry
  • From the INSERT menu, click on Term entry. The terminological entry will be added automatically in the clause 3 Terms and definitions

Quick Term Creation and cross-referencing to term entry

To convert any word or phrase into a term entry in your draft, select it, go to the INSERT menu, and click on Term entry. The selected word is added as a new term entry under Terms and definitions clause and it is also automatically cross-referenced to the newly created term entry.

To cross-refer to an existing term entry under Terms and definitions, select the word or phrase, go to the  INSERT menu, and click on the Term entry drop down arrow and select Link to existing term entry.

Modify term classifications

By default, the first term of a term entry is added with the following classification:

Part of speech: NOUN - Grammatical number: NONE - Normative authorization: PREFERRED - Term type: FULL FORM

To modify the classification of a term, and add other classification details, click on the pencil icon next to the term

Add extra term, note, example, source

An additional term can be added from the contextual menu of a terminological entry by selecting the option: Add term

It can be added from the TERMS tab (which appears only when the cursor is placed in a terminological entry), by clicking on Extra term

Similarly, one can add additional information to a term, like Notes, Examples, and the term Source.


The following rules have been pre-built into the tool to facilitate authoring of terms and definitions.

  • There can be only one definition per terminological entry. It is not mandatory and can be removed.
  • There can be only one source per terminological entry. 
  • There is no limit to the number of additional terms, notes and examples per terminological entry.
  • Definitions, examples and sources will not be numbered or ordered (order of creation is kept).

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