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Add a clause

  • Buttons to create relevant clauses and sub clauses are available under every applicable clause.
    • Buttons to create + CLAUSE AT SAME LEVEL, and + SUB-CLAUSE are available under any applicable clause.
    • Terms and Definition clause
      • Buttons to create + SUB-CLAUSE and + TERM ENTRY are available under the Terms and Definition clause.
      • Buttons to create + CLAUSE AT SAME LEVEL and + TERM ENTRY are available in the sub-clauses under Terms and Definition clause. 
      • Button to create + TERM ENTRY AT SAME LEVEL is available under a terminological entry.
    • Annex
      • Buttons to create + ANNEX AT SAME LEVEL and + SUB-CLAUSE are available in the Annex section. 
      • Buttons to create + CLAUSE AT SAME LEVEL, and + SUB-CLAUSE are available under the Annex sub-clauses
  • It is also possible to create clauses and sub clauses from the contextual menu of a clause in the Outline tab

Please note

    • It is not possible Adding clauses and sub clauses from Foreword, and Normative references is not possible.
    • Adding a term clause at the same level as the main Terms and Definition clause is not possible.
    • Terminological entries can be inserted from anywhere in the document. The Term entry will automatically be added under clause 3 Terms and Definitions

Remove a clause

To delete a clause, click the contextual menu of the clause  and select Remove.

Mandatory clauses such as Foreword and Normative References cannot be removed

If the clause you are removing contains some sub-clause(s), all sub-clauses will be deleted too.

Removing clauses with comments

It is not possible to remove a clause or sub-clause which contains some unresolved comments.

To remove the clause, you need to either resolve the comment or move the comment in another clause.


When deleting a clause which contains resolved comments, the resolved comments will no longer be accessible in the online document. The comments can be found/retrieve in the export comments report.

Re-order clauses

You can re-order clauses by dragging and dropping them in the Outline tab or by using the Move up, Move down, Move left, Move right options from the contextual menu of a clause.

An appropriate message is displayed when drag and drop action or for a clause via the Outline tab is not allowed.

Please Note

  • It is possible to move a clause or alter its structure even if the clause has not been loaded. 
  • To know if a clause has been loaded or not, check the icon next to the clause in the Outline:

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