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    Add a numbered paragraphs

    It is now possible to add numbered paragraphs anywhere below a top-level clause

    To create a numbered paragraph, go to any sub-clause and click on the button +NUMBERED PARAGRAPH 
    You can create more numbered paragraphs at the same level by clicking on the button +NUMBERED PARAGRAPH AT SAME LEVEL. However it is not possible to create a "sub" numbered paragraph.

    Please note

    • Numbered paragraphs appear with a specific type
    • They are similar to clauses, but do not have a title
    • Unlike sub-clauses, numbered paragraphs cannot be subdivided further

    Remove a numbered paragraph

    To delete a numbered paragraph, click the contextual menu of the paragraph or right-click of the paragraph in the Outline tab and select Remove. A confirmation message is displayed, click on the Remove button on this message to confirm the deletion of the numbered paragraph.

    Re-order numbered paragraphs

    You can re-order numbered paragraphs by dragging and dropping them in the Outline tab or by right-clicking on the numbered paragraph in the Outline, and using the Move up, or Move down options available.

    An appropriate message is displayed when drag and drop action or for a numbered paragraph via the Outline tab is not allowed.

    Please Note

    • It is not possible to move a numbered paragraph left or right unlike clauses and sub-clauses, i.e. a numbered paragraph's structure cannot be altered.
    • It is possible to move a numbered paragraph up or down even if the paragraph has not been loaded. 
    • To know if a numbered paragraph has been loaded or not, check the icon next to it in the Outline

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