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The clauses 2 Normative references and Bibliography are not editable. They are automatically populated when a reference is added in the document:

Normative references:

  • The references are listed to appear in chronological order by reference number in Fonto. Note that when these are exported the list shows first the reference to ISO standards, then IEC.
  • Within each organization, the reference are listed in numerical order

Bibliographic references:

  • The references are ordered as they appear in the text for all organizations.


In OSD, it is not possible to add references manually into the Bibliography that are not mentioned in the text, and this is intentional. We are aware that this practice has been followed in the past, but it is not something that we wish to perpetuate in the OSD. The OSD comprises new tools and solutions that allow us to make specific checks that were not possible before. One of the functions of the tool is to give a clear indication of why contents are there and what they refer to.

Following the principle that standards should be clear, precise and unambiguous, we expect users to be able to understand why a reference document is listed in the Bibliography. The citation in the text does not need to be more complicated than a simple phrase stating: “Further information on the subject can be found in the following documents: References [X],[Y] and [Z]”. Even in the case of research papers, these can be mentioned in the Introduction so that the user understands the context and why they are listed in the Bibliography.

Reference to ISO/IEC/CENELEC standards

To reference an ISO, IEC or CEN CENELEC Standard, place the cursor in the appropriate place in the text and go to the REFERENCE tab, click on Link to reference.


To add new reference is selected by default. If you have already added a reference and want to reuse it in the text go to Select from existing.

Select the type of reference ISO/IEC/CEN/CENELEC standard and decide whether the reference should be Normative or Bibliographic. Click on Browse catalogue

The following screen enables you to browse the existing catalogue of ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC standards. Enter the reference of the standard in the search and refine your search using the filters.

Select if the reference is dated or undated. A preview of the reference is available at the bottom of the screen. Click on Insert.

The reference is automatically added to the Normative section of the document.

Reference in the Text:

Reference in the Normative Clause 2:

If you enter a Bibliographic reference, the reference will be automatically numbered and added to the Bibliographic clause:

Please note

  • ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC standards can be added by searching and filtering in the standard catalogue. 
  • Standards from other sources or book/journal references have to be typed in manually.
  • You only have to add a reference once, you can then reuse it in other places of your document by choosing Select from existing.
  • The clause: Normative references cannot be deleted.
  • For normative references, the standard reference text will be inserted in the text. 
  • For Bibliographic references, the reference and the [number] of the reference will be added automatically. 
  • In addition, since version 3.1.0 of OSD platform, bibliographic references of ISO, IEC, CEN, and CENELEC and Oher standards will also include the label of the reference. Bibliographic references of type "Other" will only include the reference number

Reference to other standards

To add a reference to another standard, select the reference type Other standard. The reference will be added automatically to the Normative reference clause or Bibliography.

Other reference (books, journals, websites)

For books, journals or websites, simply provide the title of the reference. The title will be automatically added to the Normative reference clause or the Bibliography.

Remove a reference

To remove a reference, click on the reference in the text or in the Normative / Bibliographic reference.

From the menu, you can remove, update the reference or go to the reference clauses.

If you click on Remove, the reference will be removed in the text where you selected the reference.

To remove a reference everywhere in the document, the reference should be deleted from the Normative or Bibliographic section.

Convert the reference type

To convert the reference type, click on the reference in the text and select Convert to...

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