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Meeting feedback

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Working area: ISO meetings

The platform you are using can contain international, regional and national working areas. 

The following article contains information that is only relevant in the context of activities carried out for ISO. For activities carried out for a regional or national organization please refer to those applicable guidelines. 

Permission level: Meeting Organizer

Meeting feedback

A new simplified meeting feedback form is replacing the former SurveyMonkey survey. The new ISO meetings feedback form is integrated into Meetings.
A meeting feedback notification is automatically sent to all meeting participants at the meeting closure.

Feedback questions:

  1. Do you have any comments on the meeting organization; conduct & outcomes; connectivity issues (for Zoom meetings); etc.?
  2. Do you have anything to report on the performance of the Committee Manager and Chair?
  3. Do you have any comments on the support provided by ISO/CS (if present)?

The meeting feedback result is automatically sent to the following people at the closure of the survey:

  • For TCs and SCs: Committee manager, Twinned committee manager, TPM, Meeting Coordinator of the NSB holding the secretariat, and Meeting Coordinator of the NSB in which the meeting is held (only for Face-to-Face and Hybrid meetings)
  • For working groups: Convenor, Secretary (if available), TPM, Meeting Coordinator of the NSB that holds the Convenorship in the WG, Meeting Coordinator of the NSB that appointed the secretary (if available)

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