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Reply to a comment or proposal

Support or not support a comment or proposal

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Leaders; Authors; contributors, national experts

Reply to a comment or proposal

To reply to any comment or proposal, type your reply in the dedicated field and click on Reply button.

Please note

Any given user can only edit and delete his/her own comments or reply, and there is no moderation tool in the platform. To delete a comment, please contact your project leader, who will get in touch with the ISO administrators.

Support or not support a comment or proposal

Instead of replying to a comment or proposal in support/against it, in a textual format, one can simply click on the I support or I do not support button under it, in order to record their opinion. The number of unique user clicks on the buttons are recorded. One can change one's decision (from I support to I do not support and vice-versa) until the comment/proposal is resolved (accepted/rejected).

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