Add comments and proposals (online document)

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Leaders; Authors; contributors; national experts

Please note

If you are commenting at stage 10.20, 20.20 or 30.20 the document will be automatically in commenting mode. If you are commenting during another stage then you may want to switch on the commenting mode. For this view the article: Visualization tools


Visibility of comments and propose changes by others will depends on the stage of the project. For more information please view the article: View and filter comments

Add a comment or proposal

Comments or proposed change can be introduced anywhere in the text, either at a single point in the text or on a selected text. 

Please note

Comments can be made on a specific clause, any elements (table, figure, formulas), a paragraph, a sentence or a word. Comments are shared as soon as they are submitted.

A comment or proposal may be added in the commenting mode or the authoring mode:

  • In the commenting mode, place the cursor where you'd like to add a comment or proposal (or select a piece of text) and click on the Comment or proposal button.

  • In the authoring mode (available to Leaders and Authors), place the cursor where you would like to add a comment or proposal (or select a piece of text), click on the Comments navigator button on the top right corner, and select Comment from the Add comment dropdown.


In the comment card, enter your comment, select the comment Type (General, Editorial or Technical), and click on Save button. You can also add one or more tag(s) to your comment and also assign a topic to the comment. Tags and topics are created by Leaders. Using comment types, tags and topics enriches comment classification, making it easier for others to understand and leaders to eventually resolve them.


A proposal should be used to propose change to any text or other elements in the document. To add a proposal, select the text or element and click on Proposal. 

For proposing changes to a text, enter the new suggested change to the text in the proposal card and provide a motivation for this proposed change.

In proposals for graphics, a new image may be proposed to replace the existing image, and in addition, a motivation for the proposed change must be entered in the proposal card.

Add a global comment

A global comment is a comment that applied to the entire document. To add a global comment, click on the Comments navigator button on the top right corner, and select Global comment from the Add comment dropdown. Then, enter the text of the comment, select the Type of comment (Technical comment, General comment, or Editorial comment), and click on the Save button.

Information in the comment card

Every comment and proposal is automatically assigned a unique identifier number, making it easy to refer to comments.

The unique identifier numbers are also assigned to national comments.

Every comment and proposal displays the time the comment/proposal was made in UTC time zone. Hovering over time also displays the local time (of the logged in device).

Edit or delete a comment

To edit a comment you have made, click on the three dot in the comment card and click on Edit. To delete your comment, click on Remove from the menu.

Please note

Leaders, Authors, Contributors, and National Contributors can only delete or edit a comment their own comments.

Voters in stage 30.20 can edit and remove comments submitted by national contributors. Voters can also edit national comments.

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