Setting up project team

This article is relevant for:

TC and WG officers (leader)

TC and WG officers can define the project team at stages 00.00, 00.20, 00.60, 10.00, 10.60, 20.00, 20.60, 30.00 and 30.60. The project team includes  working group members which are involved in the drafting and the resolution of the comments. 

To know more about each roles and permissions, refer to the article OSD permissions at the bottom of the article. 


  • Permissions during the NP ballot, WD study and CD ballot (respectively stages 10.20, 20.20 and 30.20) are set by default and cannot be modified by the officers.
  • Known bug for Firefox users: the browser currently blocks the Document permissions management board to open (see next section's screenshot). If you need to manage permissions (Committee officers), please use a different browser like Edge or Chrome.

1 In the Tools menu, click on Other actions and select Document Permissions

2 Set permissions for each member

In the document permission window, you will see the list of all your working group members and/or committee members and their default permission in the online document. To change the permission for a  member, click on the action icon:

In the next screen, change the role of the person as appropriate:

Click on Save Changes to confirm the update.

Please note

The role of LEADER is only assigned to the committee and WG officers (CM, CM ST, Convenors & support team, WG Secretary and Project Leader)

3 User role visibility

The same uses may have different roles in different online drafts. The user's role can be viewed in the top right corner of the online draft by the logged in user.

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