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Content quality check - overview

The OSD platform includes a set of inbuilt checks and rules based on ISO/IEC Directives part 2 that assist authors draft their standards so that content quality issues can be addressed from the earliest stages in the development of a document.

Currently, the following categories of content quality check are available in the platform:

Referencing Checks the integrity of normative/ informative references and cross references
Provisions Detects words like “shall", or "may” in specific elements and clauses of the document, where they are not allowed.
Terminology All checks related to terminology rules (existence of terminological entries in the content without cross-reference, term definitions do not start with a capital letter, etc.)
Format Checks format of dates, numbers, time of the day, etc.
Document structure and tagging Checks proper usage of certain elements. For instance, it searches for untagged keywords like notes, examples, figures, etc. Such elements should be tagged adequately to ensure the correct rules, metadata, and format are applied in the final draft.
Highlight other Checks the text against ISO Directives part 2 and ISO House style highlighting any potential issue related to inclusive terminology, conformance, legal terms, copyrights, etc.
British English, Spelling, and Grammar Checks spelling against UK English.
Editorial Manager checks Specific checks reserved to Editorial managers at ISO/CS for advance verification of specific terms.

Turn on content quality check

Quality content check can be turned on from the Tools menu or from the bubble menu.

By default, Quality check is turned off

The following filters are available under the Content quality check 

Following video shows an overview of the content quality check in the tool and how it works

Turn off content quality check

Quality content check can be turned off from the  Tools or bubble menu

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