Manage session attendance

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Meeting organizer

In addition to managing attendance of participants at meeting level, attendance of participants at the level of sessions can also be managed by the meeting organizers.

By default, once a session is closed, all registered participants are marked as "Attended"

The meeting organizers can choose to mark a participant as "Not attended" at the level of the session, once a session is closed.

Mark participant as Not attended at session level

To do so:

  • Go to the Attendance tab of a meeting that has closed sessions
  • Click on the Manage attendance button
Click on the Manage attendance button
  • Unselect the checkbox next to participants that did not attend a session

Please note

  • The changes are auto-saved
  • It is not possible to modify the session level attendance of participants that are not registered to the particular session
  • It is not possible to modify the attendance of sessions that are not yet closed

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