Submission to fix (in Projects)

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Committee Manager, PC Secretary & support teams, Submitters and Translators

Fix your submission

When a submission comes back to you with a status "to fix", this means that the submission was either incomplete, or that a file needs to be replaced/reviewed.

This status "to fix" helps in processing the submission, as there will not be any more separate email exchanges on the submission, but you will find all the needed information from the Submission directly.

See for example:

Click on "Fix", to see the details of the ISO/CS team feedback.

You will get a first general comment, then specific requests close to the documents you need to review.

You will be asked to delete the document to "fix/correct" and upload a proper version of it before re-submitting your submission. The already validated documents/files will appear with a green tick.

How to fix your submission - video

Follow this link :

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