Add a title (translation)

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Add a title (translation)

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Translators can add and edit the title in their defined language.

The option to add the relevant language (based on your role as translator) will be available throughout the project lifecycle (whatever the stage).

The application offers the possibility to add titles in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German,…

Note that the reference language is English, therefore the reference title is always the English language title. Any translation should strictly coincide with this reference title.

As authorized translator you are responsible for the title in your language. If you feel there is an error in the reference title, please contact the relevant Committee Manager.

How to add a translation for the title and/or scope

From the Project detail page, click on "Edit" in the Title card/Scope card of the overview, or, do click directly on the "Title" or "Scope" tab in the upper part of the screen

Select the language in which you want to add the title:

Add your translated title, and click on "Save" (or Cancel)

You can proceed following the same steps for the "Scope" on the Scope tab

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