Specify days and time within the meeting period

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Permission level: Meeting Organizer

Specify day(s) and time

Once the meeting is confirmed, you can specify days and time within the period set for the meeting, at which the structure will meet.

For example the committee meeting may take place from the 04 to 07 December but your structure may only meet on two days (Monday and Wednesday for example). In this case, click on Specify day(s) and time button and unselect the days at which the structure will not meet.

The default time for each day of the meeting is set from 09:00 to 17:00 unless otherwise specified. This can be modified at the same time as specifying days.

Once done, click on the Apply button.

The period on the overview page will then display the dates selected for this meeting

Hovering over the day(s) will display the start time and end time of the meeting for that day

Overall planning

The overall planning is then available for download by each structure of the meeting. 

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