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Cancel a registration

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Permission levels: Meeting participant approver (MPA); Participants

Cancel a registration

A confirmed registration can be deleted by the participant himself, by the Meeting Organizer or the Meeting Participant Approver (MPA). The participant and all his/her associated guests can therefore not attend the meeting and/or the social events
Once a registration is cancelled, it is no longer visible in the attendance list. If the participant may wish to attend the meeting again (un-cancel) its registration, he will have to register again to the meeting.

  1. To cancel a registration, an MPA or participant can:
    • click on the little bin next to the participant name
    • The participant can self cancel the registration from the Overview page by clicking on the Cancel my registration button
    • Or, click on the status of the attendance card and select Cancel
  2. Provide a reason for the cancelation and click OK to confirm

If the participant was registered to a social event and/or had registered guest for a social event, they will be automatically removed from the social event.

Please note:

A registration can only be cancelled if the meeting has not yet started
If you cannot see the little bin symbol, this means you have not the appropriate permission to cancel the registration of this person.

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