Identify the person administrating your account

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Identify your User administrator

Every ISO user account is administrated by an organization representing ISO in your country. This organization is referred to as your National Standards Body (NSB) and the person responsible for managing your profile is referred to as your Member Body User Administrator (MBUA). This person is responsible for:

  • Creating your profile
  • Updating your email address or other personal information such as your last name. In some cases, you can actually update this information from your preferences.
  • Managing your roles on most technical committees

If you do not have a user account yet and are not sure who to contact to get one, please contact

If you have an account but need to reset your password, please refer to this article.

If you have an account and need to update your roles or your personal information, please contact your Member Body User Administrator. If you are unsure who this is please:

  1. Login from the ISO applications portal:
  2. Scroll down and click on the Performance Indicators and Extractions link
  3. Expand the Administrators of GD & managers of meetings section and click on the List of User Administrators of Global Directory report

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