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Who can see what

Permission level Who What can he do
  •        Chairperson
  •        Vice Chairperson
  •        Chair support team
  •        Committee Member
  •        Document Monitor
  •        Liaison Representatives
  •        Parents/Childs officers
  •    Preview all committee documents -  - except under the Administration (restricted) folder
  •    Download documents
  •    Upload documents in the Member upload area folder
  •    Browse the members list
  •    Send emails to members
  •    Browse the mail archive
  •    Search and save searches
  • Manager

    • Committee Manager (CM) Twinned CM CM Support team
    • WG Secretary
    • Convenor
    • Convenor Support team
    • PC Secretary
    • PC Secetary Support team
    All the above and:
    •    Upload documents within all the folders of the committee
    •    View the Administration (restricted) folder
    •    Notify documents
    •    Browse parents, children, sisters’ committees
    •    Add versions, replace and withdraw documents
    •    Move documents
    •    View past document versions

    What only officers can see

    Committee home page

    Only Managers (see table above) can see these elements in the committee home page

    • Full member list
    • Administration (restricted) folder

    Document online reading

    Only Managers (see table above) can see these elements in the committee home page

    • Document action buttons (top left) (in this example, edit metadatamove to clipboard and withdraw)
    • History (document audit)
    • Download original document

    Who can see what

    Managers (see table above) 

    • Can see all the content in all folders including the Administration (restricted) folder and all the content in the Member upload area folder
    • Can upload content in any folder except the Mail archive folder
    • Notify/publish and delete content in status To be notified
    • Withdraw content  in status Available
    • Un-withdraw content in status Withdrawn
    • See all content in all folders
    • Can send a message to the committee members (Email to members)
    • Can see the history menu that shows the audit of documents

    Committee members/experts/delegates/observers

    • do not have access to the folder Administration (restricted) folder
    • Can only upload content in the Member upload area folder
    • See content in the Member upload area folder
    • See content in all folders except the Administration (restricted) folder and content uploaded by other people in the Member upload area folder
    • Can send a message to the committee members (Email to members)

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