Permission levels in Documents application

This article is relevant for:

All users of the Documents platform

Users are registered in the Global Directory (GD). Depending on the role assigned in the GD, the following permissions will be granted in Documents. 

Permission levels for International and Regional committees 

Permission level GD role (if not specified, applies to both ISO and CEN) What can (s)he do
  • Chairperson (of the current committee)
  • Committee Managers/convenors/support teams/chairpersons/secretaries of parent/children/peer groups
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Chairperson support team
  • Committee Member
  • Document Monitor
  • Liaison Representatives
  • Observer
  • CEN Sector rapporteur
  • ISO Voter
  • ISO Ballot monitor
  • Preview all committee documents - except under the Administration folder
  • Download documents
  • Upload documents in the Member area folder
  • Browse the members list
  • Send emails to members
  • Browse the mail archive
  • Search and save searches
  • ISO Committee Manager (CM), Twinned CM, CM Support team
  • WG Secretary, Twinned WG Secretary
  • CEN Secretary
  • CEN Secretary Support Team
  • CEN Assistant Secretary
  • Convenor, Twinned Convenor
  • Convenor Support team
  • PC Secretary
  • PC Secetary Support team
  • Technical Program Manager

All the above and:

  • Upload documents within all the folders of the committee
  • View the Administration folder
  • Publish documents
  • Browse parents, children, sisters’ committees
  • Add versions, replace and withdraw documents
  • Move documents
  • Export list of members
  • View past document versions
  • View history (audit) of a document
  • Browse the access list
  • National Secretary* 
  • National Secretary support team*
  • National Chairperson*
  • National Committee member*

* of mirroring committee

  • Preview and download mirrored committee documents (located in General, Meetings, Decisions, Projects folders only)
  • Preview and download Ballots documents
  • Download documents
  • Search documents
  • Browse the members list
  • Send emails to members
  • Browse the mail archive

Permission levels for National committees

The configuration of permissions in National committees may differ for each National Standardization Body (NSB). Should you wish to know the permissions configured in your National committee, please contact your NSB.

What only managers can see

Committee home page

Only Managers (see table above) can see these elements in the committee home page

  • Full member list
  • Administration folder

Document online reading

Only Managers (see table above) can see these elements in the committee home page

  • Document action buttons (top left) (in this example, edit metadatamove to clipboard and withdraw)
  • History (document audit)
  • Download original document

Who can see what?

Managers (see table above) 

  • Can see all the content in all folders including the Administration folder and all the content in the Member area folder
  • Can upload content in any folder except the Mail archive folder
  • Notify/publish and delete content in status To be notified
  • Withdraw content  in status Available
  • Un-withdraw content in status Withdrawn
  • See all content in all folders
  • Can send a message to the committee members (Email to members)
  • Can see the history menu that shows the audit of documents

Committee members/experts/delegates/observers

  • do not have access to the folder Administration folder
  • Can only upload content in the Member area folder
  • See content in the Member area folder
  • See content in all folders except the Administration folder and content uploaded by other people in the Member area folder
  • Can send a message to the committee members (Email to members)

Who is notified?

When sending a notification from SD Documents (email to members or publication of a new document) all the audience listed in the Member list automatically is sent a notification.

Please note

Please keep our systems safe. Never share your user name and password with others!

Disbanded groups

Committees that were disbanded after their migration to ISO Documents are accessible by Committee Managers/convenors/support teams/chairpersons of parent/children/peer groups. Access to documents of committees that were disbanded before the introduction of ISO Documents are to be requested directly to the international helpdesk team.

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