Submissions in ISO Projects

As from 2023-07-04, the submissions are done directly from within ISO Projects, from a new tab available from the project overview.

This integration of the submission interface in ISO Projects does consolidate further our IT environment and allow you to perform more tasks within the same application.

Aim of Submissions

The aim of the submissions is to provide a structured method for the submission of files by Committee Manager/PC Secretary and their support staff to the ISO Central Secretariat. This applies in particular to the submission of files for the processing as Committee Draft, Draft and Final Draft International Standards (DIS and FDIS), Technical Report, Technical Specification and PUblicly Available Specification, as well as Guide and IWA.

What's new for you, submitting your files from Projects?

The application integrated in Projects brings new features: 

  • Drag and drop feature to add files to your submission
  • Adding the metadata after the file is selected
  • Allowing you to correct a submission based on ISO/CS team feedback (instead of creating a complement)
  • There is no more maximum size for the uploaded document
  • You will have the opportunity to update/check the titles before submitting your files

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