Delete or cancel meeting

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Delete or cancel meeting

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Permission level: Meeting organizer

Delete or cancel meeting

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View the Meetings business rule article for more information on when a meeting can be cancelled or deleted. Related articles are linked at the bottom of this page.

To delete or cancel a meeting, go to the meeting details page and click on Cancel meeting or Delete as relevant.


Once a meeting is cancelled or deleted, it can no longer be re-activated.

Delete or cancel a committee meeting

By cancelling the meeting of the organizing structure, all sub-structures meeting will also be cancelled: 

When you cancel a meeting, you will be required to select a reason for cancelation

The possible reasons you can select for cancelation are:

  1. Cancelled with no future meeting date defined (either virtual or physical)

  2. Cancelled with a future physical meeting date: a. Within 6 months b. Within 12 months c. Within 18 months

  3. Cancelled with a future virtual meeting date: a. Within 3 months b Within 6 months c. Within 12 months d. Within 18 months

  4. Cancelled with a future Hybrid meeting date: a. Within 6 months b. Within 12 months d. Within 18 months

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