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Meeting dashboard

The default page of ISO Meetings, shows all your ongoing and upcoming meetings. By default, the google map is displayed and shows the location of ten meetings. To move to the next 10 meetings, click on the next page.

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Please refer to the article "My profiles and guests" to set your preferences to display meetings



By default, My meetings and ISO meetings filters displays all ongoing & upcoming meetings but you can add/remove filters and sort the meetings as per your need.

Filters/sort Description
Status Filter the list of meetings per meeting status The filter ongoing and upcoming display all meetings in status proposed, confirmed, registration open, registration deadline and ongoing
Registration Registered: Displays the meetings in which you are already registered No Registered: Displays the meetings in which you are not yet registered
Type Filter the list of meeting by meeting types
Sort by Ascending date Descending date Meeting status


View meetings in grid view

You can decide to view the list of meetings in grid view or map view. To set your prefered view, go to Preferences in My profile section.

Extend the map

To view the details of a meeting, place your mouse on one of the location:

Access to ISO applications

Meeting summary

Export list of meetings

Advance search

To search for specific meetings, use the advance search.

Here you can search for meetings, using any of the meeting criteria:

The below table describe each meeting criteria:

Fields Description
Committees List of all committees. You can search for meetings in more than one committee (multivalued field) If you select the tick boxes Include SCs and Include WGs, the system will search for meetings in the Committee you have selected as well as its sub-committees and Working Groups
Meeting status List of meeting status. You can search for meetings in more than one status (multivalued field)
From/To Search for all meetings within a range of dates
Country Search meetings per country. You can search for meetings in more than one country (multivalued field)
Registrations Registered: view meetings for which you have already registered No Registered: view meetings for which you have not yet registered
Location type Search meetings according the type of location.
Committee type Search for meetings for a specific committee type

Please note

If you leave a field blank (without a value), the system will search for entries with all the values of the field. E.g. If you do not select a Committee, the system will search for meetings in all committees.

By default, the search results will be displayed by Descending date, but you can change this using the Sort by field.

TIPS: When searching for a committee, you can simply enter the numbers of the TC, SC and/or WG. You don’t need to enter the word: ISO / TC SC WG. For example, if you search for ISO/TC 34/SC 4/WG 5 you can enter the reference as follow in the search field:

Meeting details

Once you have found the meeting of your interest, click on the meeting reference to display the meeting details page.

Below is the description of the different element you can find int he meeting details page.

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For more information on how to manage meeting information (for Officers only), please refer to the articles under Manage meetings section

To go back to the search result, click on the little arrow < next to Meeting detail

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