Add meeting to calendar

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Permission level: Participants (confirmed attendees)

Add meeting to calendar

As a confirmed meeting attendee, you can now add the meeting to your personal calendar

1  Go to the overview page

Once your registration to a meeting is confirmed, go to the meeting Overview page in the Meetings application

2 Add meeting to calendar

Click on the Add to calendar button

Two options are available:

  • Download meeting ICS file - allows to import the meeting calendar for the specific meeting you are registered to into your personal calendar client.
  • Add to your calendar feed - allows to import the meetings calendar for all meetings and sessions you are registered to (since last 120 days).

You can either:

3 Open the downloaded .ics file

Open the downloaded .ics file from your browser

4 Save the file in your personal calendar

Or you can:

5 Copy the link

Press on the copy link and then:

  1. Go to your calendar and click on the 3 buttons
  2. Click on "Add"
  3. Select "From Internet"
Outlook Calendar
  1. Enter the copied link in the "New Internet Calendar Subscription" field and click on "OK"

  1. Your calendar is updated and it now displays the meetings and sessions you are registered to

Please note

The above implies that, in case you are registered by a meeting participant approver, or in case your "pending" registration for a WG meeting (in status Registration deadline or Ongoing) is confirmed by a meeting organizer, you will be required to go to the meeting in the Meetings application to add the meeting to your calendar. 

  • For the Download meeting ICS file option - in case of any changes in the meeting period or meeting location, you need to either:
    • re-download the .ics file from the meetings Overview page in the Meetings application, and also delete the old meeting from your personal calendar) -OR-
    • manually update the meeting information in your personal calendar 
  • For the Add to your calendar feed option - any changes made to the meetings/sessions will automatically update your calendar feed.

Meeting time zone

All meetings with a start time and end time must have a time zone specified by the Meeting organizer. This can be viewed in the Period card of the meeting Overview page.

Clicking on the Timezones button in the My meetings, All Meetings, or Period card in the the meeting Overview page displays the start time of the meeting in three time zones:
  • As selected by the Meeting organizer
  • In GMT (UTC+00:00)
  • User’s local time zone (as per the device the user is logged in from)

Adding the meeting to calendar will add the meeting in the user's local time zone (as per the user's device

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