Self-registration to meeting

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Permission levels: Participants; Meeting Organizer

Self-registration to meeting

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For more information on who can self-register to meeting, please refer to the Business rules article (see link at the bottom of the article)

To self-register to a meeting, you need to search for the meeting you would like to register and access the meeting details page.

1 Initiate the registration process

To register for a meeting, click on the Register button.

2 Complete your registration details

The registration form contains the following fields:

Field Description Comments
Participant This is your name as it appears in the Global Directory To update this information please contact your National User Administrator
Meeting This is the meeting reference -
Representing If you have more than one role in a committee or working group, you can select the organization or committee you will represent at the meeting. It is only possible to represent one organization or committee to a meeting. this field is mandatory
Head of Delegation (HoD) If you are Head of Delegation, please indicate this here. Otherwise, live it blank The field Head of Delegation applies only to delegations of TC/SC meetings
Invitation letter required Indicate if you need a invitation to enter the country in which the meeting is taking place ( see Invitation letter process below) This field is only applicable for Face-to-Face meetings
Arrival date Enter your arrival date. This information is important for logistical reasons This field is only applicable for Face-to-Face meetings
Departure date Enter your departure date. This information is important for logistical reasons This field is only applicable for Face-to-Face meetings
Attendance type Indicate if you will attend the meeting physically (Face-to-Face) or virtually. This field is only applicable for Hybrid meetings

The field Representing is mandatory. All other information can be completed at a later stage.

Invitation letter process

If you have indicated that you require an invitation letter, please ensure your passport information is up to date on your My Profile page.

Please note that there is no automatic process for issuing or requesting invitation letter. If you do need an invitation letter, you need to contact your national standard body for the appropriate follow-up actions to receive the letter. 

Please note

3 I Finish the registration process

Click on Save to complete your registration. The registration is automatically confirmed.

Please note

  • Self-registrations for working group meetings submitted by experts after the registration deadline, will be marked with status: Pending, until validated by a WG meeting organizer. A warning message explaining the same will be displayed to the participant.
  • Participants with registrations in Pending or Rejected status will be unable to register to social events, or view list of attendees.
  • Confirmed Participants can register to social events when meeting status is: Registration Open and Registration Deadline
  • WG Officers can self-register to the meeting without any further validation (status: Confirmed, automatically)

The above rules for pending status of registrations apply only to Face-to-Face and Hybrid WG meetings. They do not apply to Virtual WG meetings.  

The above changes to WG registrations have been implemented following the TMB Resolution 28/2019 (adopted at the 74th TMB Meeting).

Each registration is displayed in the manage participants list in a list format. Each entry shows the name of the participant, how the participant registered to the meeting, its role, the organization or committee it will represent at the meeting, the status as well as the sessions the participant has registered/attended.

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