Register participant to meeting

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Permission level: Meeting Participant Approver (MPA)

Register participant to meeting

To register a participant who will represent your organization/committee to a meeting, you first need to search for the meeting and then access the meeting details page.

1 Initiate the registration process

To register a participant for a meeting, go to the attendance list of the meeting and click on Register a person

2 Search and select the person you would like to register

Enter the name or the email address of the person you would like to register

If you cannot find the person you are looking for, contact your User Administrator and ask them to create an account for the person in the Global Directory or contact

Once the person has been added to the Global Directory, restart the registration process and search for the person by entering his/her name or email address.

3 Complete the registration details

Participation by correspondence to ISO Meetings

Participation by correspondence is allowed only when virtual participation is not offered at a meeting.

National Bodies wishing to participate by correspondence shall formally register to the meeting and indicate the fact that they will participate by correspondence.

National Bodies participating by correspondence shall provide written comments only about items of the agenda but not indicate voting positions and at the latest 2 weeks before the meeting (ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1).

Note that if a Face-to-Face meeting is converted to an Hybrid or Virtual meeting, then all participations by correspondence will be converted to Virtual participations.

The registration form contains the following fields:

Field Description Comments
Participant This is the name of the participant as it appears in the Global Directory To update this information please contact the National User Administrator of the person
Meeting This is the meeting reference -
Representing By default this will be the organization/committee which you represent as MPA. If you are MPA for two organization/committee, you can choose which entity the participant will represent. A participant can only represent one organization or committee to a meeting
Head of Delegation (HoD) If the participant is Head of Delegation, please indicate this here. Otherwise, live it blank. The field Head of Delegation applies only to delegations of TC/SC meetings
Invitation letter required Indicate if the participant needs an invitation letter to enter the country in which the meeting is taking place This field is only applicable for Face-to-Face meetings
Arrival date Enter the participant arrival date. This information is important for logistical reasons This field is only applicable for Face-to-Face meetings
Departure date Enter the participant departure date. This information is important for logistical reasons This field is only applicable for Face-to-Face meetings
Attendance type

For hybrid meetings, indicate if the participant will attend the meeting in-person (Face-to-Face) or virtually.

For Face-to-Face meetings, indicate if the participant will attend the meeting in-person (Face-to-Face) or if the NSB will participate by correspondence (ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1).

This field is applicable for Hybrid and Face-to-Face meetings

The field Representing is mandatory. All other information can be completed at a later stage.

Invitation letter process

If you have indicated that your delegate requires an invitation letter, please ensure the delegate passport information is up to date on its  My Profile page.

Please note that there is no automatic process for issuing or requesting invitation letter. If your delegate needs an invitation letter, it is the National Standard Body of the delegate responsibility to liaise with the host national standard body to take necessary actions. 

Please note

4 Finish the registration process

Click on Save to complete the registration. Each registration is displayed in the manage participants list in a list format. Each line shows the following details:

  • name of the participant, participant's role
  • type of participation (in case of Hybrid meeting)
  • whether self-registered, or registered by MPA
  • the organization or committee the participant will represent at the meeting 
  • registration status.
  • Sessions registered to or attended.

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