Create and update links (URLs)

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Create link

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Users with Documents Manager and Contributor permission levels

Create link

Content of type Link can be created created in any folder based on the permissions of each user. The fields to fill in are: 

  • Link title
  • URL (the URL should always start with http:// )
  • Description (optional)

To create a link, click on the +DOCUMENT icon from the top left and select the LINK icon. You will then need to complete these three fields.

Please note

Regardless of the folder, links are not N documents and have therefore not N number assigned.

Update link

  1. From the folder view, the committee documents search or the advanced search, select the link to be updated. 
  2. From the top blue ribbon, click on the edit button. 
  3. A new page will open with the link information. From the top right area, click the edit metadata button
  4. Edit the fields and click the save button

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