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All users allowed to access a committee documents


The Dashboard displays :

  • Quick links to the different working areas you have a role in (e.g. ISO, CEN, national committees). These links allow you to browse committees from the selected working area. Note that if you only have roles within one working area, this menu will be hidden.
  • My committees widget lists all the committees in which you have a role. Click on the reference of a committee to access its documents. Note that you can flag your favorite committees so that they will always be listed on top of the widget. For more information on how to add a committee as favorite, please refer to the Favorites articles link at the bottom of this article.

Committee homepage

From the committee homepage you can access your documents from:

  •  The Library which allows you to browse your documents through a standard folder structure. 
  • The Committee documents widget allowing you to view all documents of your committee in a flat view (regardless of the folder they are). 
  • The Pinned content widget listing featured documents selected by the Committee Manager. If there are no pinned documents in your committee, this widget is hidden. 
  • The Ballot documents widget listing all upcoming, ongoing or past ballots (that closed in the last 6 months) for your committee as well as their related documents.
  • The Meeting documents widget listing all the meetings (except for cancelled meeting) for your committee as well as the related documents.

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Breadcrumb (navigation)

To navigate up, use the breadcrumb or go directly to the Dashboard by clicking on the Home or Documents icon.

Committee structure

To navigate within the current committee structure, please use the committee structure menu.

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