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All users allowed to access a committee documents

You can browse your committee documents either from the library or from the committee documents list

Default folder structure

The default folder structure is similar for all committees and helps streamlining the user experience across committees .

Please note

Document type is automatically assigned according to the folder in which you upload your document.

Folder name
Document types
This folder and its content can only be viewed by the Managers of the committee. It is basically the equivalent of the former Secretariat workspace folder in eCommittees. The scope of this folder is to allow the Committee Manager to store non-working documents used for administration purposes. Therefore, in this folder N-documents cannot be uploaded, only non-numbered documents.
File (non N document)
This folder is for general committee working documents, it can contain all types of documents (ballot, meeting, project, resolution, and general documents). The scope of this folder is to store any documents that do not fall in the scope of the folders below.
Ballot, General, Meeting, Project, Decision documents
This folder can only contain Meeting documents, i.e. related to a meeting. You can link an existing meeting in the document's metadata if that meeting has been registered prior in the Meetings platform (when available).
Meeting documents
This folder can only contain Decisions documents (corresponds to business resolutions, recommendations or decisions).
Decision documents
This folder is for committee working documents, it can only contain Project and Ballot documents. You can link an existing project or ballot in the document's metadata if that the project or ballot existing in the Balloting or Projects platform (when available).
Ballot and Project documents
This folder is only visible and accessible to National Mirror Committees and contains Ballot-related documents automatically synchronized by the Ballots platform. These N documents are numbered 0 and correspond to the ballot attachments, results and questionnaires.
Ballot documents
Member area
This folder is meant to allow committee members to share documents with the rest of the committee.
File (non N document)
Mail archive
All emails sent from Documents are automatically archived within the Mail archive folder. This includes documents notifications and email to members. 

Committee documents list

The Committee documents widget allows you to view all documents of your committee in a flat view (regardless of the folder they have been uploaded in).  By default, the latest documents are shown first in the list. Click on See all documents to view and search the full list of committee documents. This opens the committee documents search toolbar.

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Table view - default columns' settings

When browsing documents in folder views, you can select the columns you wish to see by clicking on the Column settings (gearwheel icon).


The setting is not persistent and will automatically reset to default next time you log in to  Documents.

Table view vs Grid view

When displaying a list of documents, you can change from table view to grid view. The latter allows you to preview the first page of your document.

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