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Meeting timeline

Registration period

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Meeting timeline

The meeting timeline shows the different status of a meeting.

Status Description
Proposed Exact dates and location are not yet known
Confirmed Date and location are defined and for TC/SC meetings approval is granted from NSB hosting the meeting
Registration Open Participant can register to the meeting and/or MPA can register delegates/experts to the meeting
Registration Deadline Indicative deadline for registration
TC and SC meetings: registration is now only possible by MPA
Ongoing The meeting has started and is currently taking place
Closed The meeting is finished
Cancelled Meeting is cancelled
Deleted Meeting is deleted (no longer accessible)

Registration period

The Registration period is the time lap during which participants and/or MPA can register for a particular meeting. Registration can only open if the meeting status is Confirmed.
Registration opens automatically 24 weeks (6 months) before the meeting start date (M).

If a meeting is confirmed 24 weeks or less before the meeting start date (M), registration opens automatically when the meeting is set to Confirmed.
In the below example, the meeting is confirmed 20 weeks before the start date of the meeting, therefore registration opens at 20 weeks:

Registration always closes at the meeting close date (M+ x days) in order to allow last minutes registration to the meeting.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is aimed to give some indication to participants and/or MPA until when they can register to the meeting, however registration does not close. It is aimed to give some time to the Meeting Organizer for logistic arrangements. After the registration deadline, participants of TC and SC meetings can no longer self-register to a meeting. They must be registered by their respective MPAs. 

The registration deadline is set by default to 2 weeks before the meeting start date. However, the Meeting Organizer can modify the registration deadline to a maximum of 2 months before the meeting start date and to a minimum of one day before the meeting start date.

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