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Permission level: Meeting Organizer

Create a stand-alone TC, SC or WG meeting

To create a meeting click on the + Meeting sign on the top left corner. This will launch the 3 steps wizard to create a meeting:

1 Select the structure

This step allows you to select the structure for which you wish to create the meeting. 

  • Select the structure from the drop-down list or type the reference
  • Click Next >

Please note

  • The drop-down list only displays structures for which you are allowed to create/manage meetings.
  • Important! If you are a committee officer for both ISO and CEN meetings, please see section Create meeting in the related article: Navigating across ISO and CEN meetings

2 Select the period

  • This step allows you to select the period at which the meeting will take place. At this stage, you don't need to know the exact dates of the meeting. You can simply select a range of months or a year:

Please note

  • Meetings spread over multiple days, created with the Days option, must have a To date that is after the From date.
  • Maximum meeting duration that can be selected is 1 month (31 days)
  • To create a meeting with start time and end time, please see: Create meeting with time

Select the meeting type and location

  • This step allows you to select the meeting type as well as the location for the meeting

Meeting type - Select the type of meeting that you would like to create.

Meeting Type Description
Face-to-Face The meeting is taking place in a physical location and all participants must be physically present at the meeting
Hybrid The meeting is taking place in a physical location but participants can also participate virtually to the meeting via an online meeting provider service
Virtual The meeting is purely virtual and all participant must join via an online meeting provider service (e.g. Zoom)

Meeting location

Depending on the meeting type selected, you can enter a physical location and/or virtual location. The selection of the Face-to-Face location, is driven by Google Map 1. While creating the meeting, you don't need an exact location but you will need to provide a precise location before confirming your meeting. 

To complete the meeting creation, click on Create >. The meeting is now created and it is in status Proposed *. It you have created a committee meeting, a meeting is automatically created for each sub-structure that you have selected.


  • For meetings organized from China, the Google Map is not available.

Please note

  • All meetings that are still in Proposed status when their end date is past, will be deleted (one day after the end date, Geneva time zone). 
  • Meeting organizers will be duly notified prior each deletion, so they can either confirm or cancel the meeting, if needed.

This clean-up helps keep your data relevant, accurate and up to date.

Create a committee meeting

  • To create a committee meeting, during step 1: "Select a committee", you should include SCs and/or include WGs and click Next >
  • Select the sub-structure(s) you would like to include to the committee meeting:
  • Click Next > and select the meeting type and location

Please note

A meeting will be created for each of the sub-structure that you have selected and the officers of each structure will be notified.

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