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Resolve a comment or proposed change

Resolve multiple comments or proposed change at once

Modify a resolved comment

Re-use a motivation

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Resolve a comment or proposed change

The steps and functionalities available to resolve comments are the same during Drafting stage (XX.00), WDS (20.60) or CD consultation (30.60).

To resolve a comment or proposed change follow the steps below:

  • Select a comment and click on the Resolve button
  • Select the type of resolution ( Accepted, partially accepted, not accepted, noted, deferred)
  • Type or select a Motivation to justify the resolution
  • Click on the Resolve button

When resolving a Proposal, the proposed changes can be applied and resolved at the same time. It is also possible to modify the proposed change and apply those changes to the text automatically.

Resolve multiple comments / proposed changes

The COMMENTS TO RESOLVE tab shows by default all unresolved comments in the document. It is possible to modify the default filter to add/remove more comments in the list. From this tab, it is possible to apply a resolution to multiple comments at once.

To do so:


Select one or more or all comments to resolve

Go to the  Resolve selected comments section

Click on the select resolution dropdown menu and select an appropriate resolution (accepted, partially accepted, not accepted, noted or deferred) 

Type or select a Motivation to justify the resolution

Click on Resolve (x)

Modify a resolved comment

To modify a resolution, select a resolved comment and click on Edit button in the context menu.

Change the resolution and click on Resolve

Re-use a motivation

Please note

It is possible to select an existing motivation while resolving a comment or project proposal.

You may have multiple comments throughout the document which have the same resolution. While resolving comments, you can decide to enter a new motivation or re-use a previous one

Select a motivation from an existing list by clicking on the Or, select an existing motivation hyperlink. This makes the resolution process faster

Save a draft resolution

Comments and proposal resolutions can be saved as draft before being reviewed with the WG and agreed in consensus.

To save a resolution as draft:

  • Click on Resolve button on the comment or proposal card
  • Select the resolution type
  • Click on Save as draft button

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