OSD - Training and resources

Resource orientation session

Resource orientation sessions guide you through all the resources available on Online Standards Development (OSD). The session run once a month. Please select one of the below date and register.

Tuesday 9 April - 9:00am (UTC/GMT+2)- Register here

Tuesday 9 April - 4:00pm (UTC/GMT+2)- Register here

Tuesday 14 May - 9:00am (UTC/GMT+2)- Register here

Tuesday 14 May - 4:00pm (UTC/GMT+2) - Register here

Tuesday 11 June - 9:00am (UTC/GMT+2) - Register here

Tuesday 11 June - 4:00pm (UTC/GMT+2) - Register here

Cannot attend any of the above session? Watch the video here!

Training for Committee Managers, Project Leaders and Convenors

Two self-space e-learning modules are available for Committee Managers, Project Leaders and Convenors. The courses cover OSD Responsibilities and OSD Authoring modules.

OSD Responsibilities for Leaders​

The purpose of this training is to outline the key responsibilities tied to using the OSD for committee leadership and highlight resources available. The course includes:

  • What is OSD, OSD in action
  • Resources available for members, authors and experts
  • Getting started in OSD (activation of an online project, responsibilities at authoring stage, collaboration, document export and track changes)
  • Responsibilities at the commenting stages and tips on follow up with NMCs
  • Responsibilities at the resolution stage (managing and resolving comments)
  • Next steps and Q&A session

OSD Authoring​

The purpose of this training is to provide any experts who needs to author in OSD a complete look at the features and functionalities available in the online document. The course includes:

  • What is OSD
  • Digital content
  • Getting started, layout and navigation, clause locking
  • Adding content part 1 (clauses, tables and figures, annexes)
  • Adding content part 2 (notes, warnings and terms)
  • Adding references
  • Streamlining standards development (Quality checks, comments, cross references)
  • Resources

Register now to the e-learning course

The second cycle of these courses can be accessed and completed at any time over a 4-week period starting from 22 April2024. A Q&A session will be held at the end of May 2024 to answer your questions. Please ensure you register no later than 19 April 2024 to access the courses. Please note that places for the 2nd cycle are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Training videos for Voters and NMCs Secretaries

The below videos takes you through the entire online member commenting process during CD consultation (stage 30.20) or DIS ballot (stage 40.20). It shows you how the OSD can help you gather comments at the national level from start to finish and how you can submit comments to ISO for online documents.

Option A: National commenting in OSD (Available only for members managing NMC in the GD)

Option B: Upload national comments from ISO/IEC commenting file (available for all members)

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