Training exercises for authors

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The document refresh automatically every 6hr! So you may not see the content you have created the day before.

2 Exercises on authoring

Ex 1. Open a word document and copy paste a couple of paragraphs in the blank document. Change the format of the text if needed

Ex 2. Insert a numbered list in a clause

Ex 3: Create a new clause and then add a sub-clause

Ex 4: Move a clause and check if the numbering has been adjusted automatically

Ex 5: Add a table with title. Create a header row and add table footnotes

Ex 6: Add a figure and create a legend for this figure

Ex 7: Add an inline image in a sentence

Ex 8: Add a reference to an IEC, ISO or CENCENELEC standard. Check the clause 2 Normative references

Ex 9: Add a cross-reference to the table you have created in exercise 6

Ex 10: Add a note and change it for an example

3 Exercises on commenting

Ex 1: Add three comments: one to a clause, one to a paragraph and one to a sentence

Ex 2: Edit the comment you made on the paragraph

Ex 3: If there are other comments in the document, reply to one of the comment

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