Manage social events

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Permission level: Meeting organizer

Social events can be created for Face-to-Face and Hybrid meetings. To manage social event, go to the meeting details page and click on the Sessions & events tab.


Social events can only be created once the meeting has been confirmed and as long as the registration deadline status has not been reached.

Create a social event

1 Click on Add a social event.

2 Enter all relevant information for your social event.

Fields Description
Event title This is the title of the social event e.g. Gala Dinner
Description Give a quick description of the social event
Date Select the date at which the social event will be held. A social event can be created no more than 2 days before the start date of the meeting and 2 days after the end date of the meeting
Allow participants of related meetings to register No: Only participants registered to the meeting in which the social event is created will be able to registerYes: The social event will be cloned in the other related structures and participants from those structures will be able to register.
Capacity If there is a limited number of space available for the social event, you can indicate this here. Once the maximum capacity is reached, participants will no longer be able to register to this event

3 Click on Apply

Edit/Delete/cancel social event

1 Select the social event you would like to update

2 Choose the appropriate action

Please note

A social event may be deleted if no participants/guests are registered. Otherwise it can only be cancelled and a notification will be sent to the registrants.

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